In celebration of our fifth anniversary, my wife and I found ourselves on our way to Boston for New Year’s Eve.

After spending a couple hours with our caw pawked in Hawvawd yawd, we made our way a few more miles down the road and checked into our hotel for the night.  We got all our things up to the room and settled in, deciding to get off our lazy butts and head into Boston via our preferred method of city travel, ye ‘ol subway.

A short walk brought us to the closest station, which was surprisingly run down, where I learned we can no longer buy tokens but instead needed to purchase multiple use tickets. It may have taken a surprising amount of time to learn how to do that.

We got off near Quincy Market since my lovely wife has never been there before.  While the inside was, as always, a mad-house, outside the crowd was much more reasonable, even around the one street performer who spent an abnormal amount of time hanging by his feet.

We visited a few shops along the outside like Yankee Candle, which apparently has a flavor called “On Tap”…can you guess what it smelled like??  There was also the one where Cheers plays all day, every day and of course you can buy Christmas ornaments year-round here!  Then we moved inside for a snack and so that we could learn what it’s like to live life as sardines in constant fear of having their pockets picked.

Next stop: the evening’s festivities in the back Bay Area. Amazingly, I don’t think I’ve ever really spent time around this part of town. It’s quite nice! After a quick stroll through the Boston garden, we made our way south down the lovely Commonwealth Ave and eventually made our way to Copley Square. Now, normally that’s not much cause for excitement and certainly nothing to write home about.  However, on this occasion, there was a bit of a hoopla going on. New Year’s Eve in Copley Square would give you a good sense of what it was like coming over to the new world by sailing ship.  It’s cold, it’s windy, there are people absolutely everywhere and who knows what kinds of diseases are floating around. On the plus side, compared to sailing on the Mayflower, there are at least plenty of bathrooms, ice sculptures and a stage where singers and dancers take turns entertaining us. Some of them were even pretty good! Although, since I’m not 8’ tall, visibility was limited, so I can only assume the bands and dancers were performing live!

Eventually we had seen everything and started walking down Boylston Street. The library and many of the stores were sadly closed, but we did start to walk around Sac’s Fifth Avenue…until we came across a knit hat that had a $120 price tag on it.  We decided that meant we were a little out of our element. I’m pretty sure we’ve never spent $120 on a piece of clothing period (well, maybe some shoes and winter jackets…but that’s about it), let alone just a knit hat that wasn’t as nice as what my Great Grandmother made a million of before she passed!


So that my bank account could breathe a sigh of relief, we left the store in favor of going to the top of the Prudential Building. Since the 7:00 fireworks were not far off and the observatory offers a perfect viewpoint, we assumed getting there early was paramount. Apparently we needn’t have worried. We had a great view of all of Boston and a great view of the fireworks…I mean, how often do you look down on the firework display?

Ahh, dinner time!  Finally.  Our reservations were, if you can believe it, within walking distance from the party. Yeah, I don’t know how we managed that either! Being a rather busy night for many restaurants, we were only allowed to choose from a fixed price, four course menu which thankfully for Jenny included several gluten-free options as well as very little seafood. While the food, with details in the photo descriptions (sorry for the lack of light!), was among the best we’ve ever had, it did come at a price. And what a price it was!! We once went to dinner in a nice Barre restaurant with my father, mother, brother, his girlfriend, my wife and myself. That meal was less expensive than this one. It was extremely good, but I’m not sure it was really worth 25 burgers at 99 Restaurant.

As much as I enjoy bitching about the price (it was the biggest line item for the whole trip!) we had a great time and it was probably the most exciting NYE I’ve ever had.  Well, second actually. There was that one where I got married. Unless our first child is also born on December 31st, nothing will be able to top that! Whew, I think I saved myself there.