For a little over a year now, I’ve spent some of my free time writing about things.  By things, I really mean cars.  A website known as Opposite Lock, a reader submissions blog created by big automotive website Jalopnik, was kind enough to grant me authorship privileges.  All of the posts I have submitted there are available here as well! Basically everything prior to this particular post was originally posted there.  It’ll be hard for everyone to imagine, but, they’re mostly about cars!  I’m sure that most of the content that will come after this will be car related as well – but, perhaps occasionally I’ll try to write about other things too!  Well, we’ll see, that might be a stretch.

I am also looking for feedback.  As a small boy, I had two dream jobs.  One was automotive designer – which Norwich University kindly set me straight on – and the other was automotive journalism.  So, maybe this can go somewhere!  But, only if I can strive to improve!  Please feel free to let me know all of the things you liked, didn’t like and don’t hesitate to get specific.  Although, in an attempt to keep the comments sections a little less hectic, let’s send feedback to my email address:

Thank you all very much and happy reading!

Cheers. (NORM!!!)