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One of Life’s Most Magical Moments.

As I sit down to begin writing this, it’s 4:45 in the morning and my shift began only about 20 minutes ago. It’s been 11 days and we’re still experimenting with best sleep practices as I suspect we’ll be doing... Continue Reading →


A Day or Two in the Mountains of Virginia

Today’s story takes place once upon a June, in a Virginia far, far away. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not talking about the big city of Richmond, or the sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m... Continue Reading →

What to do in Boston – Part 3

We pick up the riveting story of my trip to Boston on day 2: the final few hours. Since I was likely to be the only person to be excited by it, we decided not to go to the Museum... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Boston – Part 2

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, my wife and I found ourselves on our way to Boston for New Year’s Eve. After spending a couple hours with our caw pawked in Hawvawd yawd, we made our way a few more... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Boston – Part 1

So what do you do when your anniversary falls on a holiday? You celebrate both at once!  What do you do when it happens to also be your fifth anniversary?  You celebrate them in style! It’s for this reason that... Continue Reading →

A Little Water Never Hurt Anybody!

This one time at band camp...or at least this one time in June, my wife and I took a road trip.  The purpose of this trip was to spend a few days in Indiana where my father spent the first... Continue Reading →

Watkins Glen State Park

It was the summer of ‘69 and I’d just bought an inexpensive six string guitar.  I played it so much that I’d broken the skin on my fingers. Those were good days.  The best days, actually. Wait, that’s not right.... Continue Reading →

Autumn. (Or “Why I Love Vermont”)

In just about any relationship, somewhere along the way a question is posed: What’s your favorite season?  This may happen more often to those of us who live in places where each season has a distinctive feel than it does... Continue Reading →

That Time My Wife and I Got Really High

No, not like that, silly.  You see, it all began with a question: “What do you want to do on Labor Day weekend?” While I would have to work on Saturday, we would be closed on Sunday and Monday.  That... Continue Reading →

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