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Not the Art of the Flip – Third Time’s the Charm(er) Edition

I know it's out of order, but, here it is: the third car I bought for the purpose of driving for a short period of time and then selling - preferably for a profit. If you recall with cars one,... Continue Reading →


Reviews – Nissan Sentra and Kia Rio

A few times over the course of this year I have been granted the exciting and amazing opportunity to drive some, well, rental cars!  Now, these may not be as prestigious or enticing as the Jag or the Macan from... Continue Reading →

Autumn. (Or “Why I Love Vermont”)

In just about any relationship, somewhere along the way a question is posed: What’s your favorite season?  This may happen more often to those of us who live in places where each season has a distinctive feel than it does... Continue Reading →

Short Takes – Jag XJ, F-Pace, and Porsche Macan

It would seem that over the course of this summer, my name has been put on some list of "available drivers".  As a result, I’ve been given the opportunity to drive a couple of very nice cars. These cars were owned... Continue Reading →

NOT the Art of the Flip – Fourth Time Lucky Edition

My more religious followers (a list of which consists solely of my wife and my brother) may read that title and say “Hey, Bill, where did you learn to count!  You skipped the third car!”  The simple response to that... Continue Reading →

Ohh, Deer!

It is said that there are two sides to every story.  Here is how I imagine this one goes. Side A: I was minding my own business, hanging out on all fours in my nicest brown fur coat while lazily... Continue Reading →

That Time My Wife and I Got Really High

No, not like that, silly.  You see, it all began with a question: “What do you want to do on Labor Day weekend?” While I would have to work on Saturday, we would be closed on Sunday and Monday.  That... Continue Reading →

In the Beginning….

For a little over a year now, I've spent some of my free time writing about things.  By things, I really mean cars.  A website known as Opposite Lock, a reader submissions blog created by big automotive website Jalopnik, was... Continue Reading →

A Day at the St. Lawrence Motorsports Park

*Unedited and originally posted on Opposite Lock on 7/22/2016: The venue: A massive race track in upstate New York known to literally tens of people. The St. Lawrence Motorsports Park. Originally designed for Go-Karts - enjoyed by many Miata’s. Our... Continue Reading →

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