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What to do in Boston – Part 3

We pick up the riveting story of my trip to Boston on day 2: the final few hours. Since I was likely to be the only person to be excited by it, we decided not to go to the Museum... Continue Reading →

The 2010 Chevrolet Express Van

Recently my grandmother decided to move from the house she's lived in since 1964 into a fancy new senior living facility. Because of the drastic size difference in living space, some furniture items became available. Sadly, while the Mazda3 does... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Boston – Part 2

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, my wife and I found ourselves on our way to Boston for New Year’s Eve. After spending a couple hours with our caw pawked in Hawvawd yawd, we made our way a few more... Continue Reading →

What To Do In Boston – Part 1

So what do you do when your anniversary falls on a holiday? You celebrate both at once!  What do you do when it happens to also be your fifth anniversary?  You celebrate them in style! It’s for this reason that... Continue Reading →

Review – The 2016 Ford Focus

It was late in September when a deer came out of the woods and attempted to occupy the same moment in space and time as my Mazda3.  My physics professor once told us that this was an impossibility, so, as... Continue Reading →

A Little Water Never Hurt Anybody!

This one time at band camp...or at least this one time in June, my wife and I took a road trip.  The purpose of this trip was to spend a few days in Indiana where my father spent the first... Continue Reading →

Watkins Glen State Park

It was the summer of ‘69 and I’d just bought an inexpensive six string guitar.  I played it so much that I’d broken the skin on my fingers. Those were good days.  The best days, actually. Wait, that’s not right.... Continue Reading →

Not the Art of the Flip – Third Time’s the Charm(er) Edition

I know it's out of order, but, here it is: the third car I bought for the purpose of driving for a short period of time and then selling - preferably for a profit. If you recall with cars one,... Continue Reading →

Reviews – Nissan Sentra and Kia Rio

A few times over the course of this year I have been granted the exciting and amazing opportunity to drive some, well, rental cars!  Now, these may not be as prestigious or enticing as the Jag or the Macan from... Continue Reading →

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